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About Us

Keywise Group is an outcome of an idea for investment taken into its logical conclusion. We operate by developing significant business relationships and anchoring our entrepreneurial potentials by availing of our innovative strategies and skilled talent in a high-yielding ambiance. We are a multi stage investment firm dedicated to creating and building value to shareholders via proactive opportunities.

We build long-term investment portfolios by hooking up with distinctive and comprehensive businesses of subsidiaries featuring relatable yet exponential product services, merchandise, and access to the growing pool of opportunities across the region.

We are a family-owned investment firm with an entrepreneurial, active ownership approach

KEYWISE Group is currently investing in the following areas:

real estate, general advisory, facility management, IOT, oil and gas  energy, construction, Agriculture, retail, Artificial Intelligence, Global commodities import & export,  aviation, Infrastructure, energy, fintech, and financial services.



KEYWISE envisions becoming a leading diversified holding company in the world by building a dynamic portfolio of sustainable investment steered by rigorous goals and seeking to create shareholder’s value, mindful of the social, economic, and environmental commitments.


To aptly build a comprehensive network of business partners across the region to extend our investment outreach and infallible business strategies while moving ahead in the same direction.  And guiding by our steady focus on the core values.

Corporate Values

Top drawer technology and solution

We aim to provide unique solutions and contemporary technological advancements to procure profitable returns for our shareholders


We tend to foster righteousness and confidentiality, adhering to the professional and ethical norms in our financial and business dealings by upholding good governance and the highest moral standards. Our priority is to put our client’s needs first. Moreover our prime concern is to consider the client’s goals as ours, and best serve them without sabotaging the trust they place in us.


Our motive is to proficiently secure and successfully manage the assets that are entrusted to us. We are not only liable for all the decisions and projects but are also accountable to our clients first. Our investment decisions are bound up with their interests.

Trust and Transparency

We believe in profit with honor. All the business transactions are followed in the most virtuous way. In addition, our dealings portray the maintenance of transparent long-distance relationships with our shareholders.

Humility and Persistence

Unforeseen challenges are a part of business deals that can’t be dealt with overconfidence and haphazardness. Our core values prompt us to face setbacks with determination and perseverance.


In the pursuit of virtuosity, discipline defines the ferocity of our analytical and overall investment approach. Extrinsic factors do not influence our time-tested strategies and decisions. Our convictions considerably befit our clients. We maintain a conservative financial plan ensuring all the settlements are met on time.


We thrive on nurturing sustainable business alliances and strong relationships with our co-investors, considering it a substantial extension of our business.

Promising opportunities

Our hub continuously endeavors to foresee and seize synergic business opportunities, instigating future initiatives for the portfolio companies to maximize returns over long periods.

We also provide services in the following areas:



Business strategy 

international advisors

Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy has remained consistent for over 15 years: we specialize in acquiring businesses that are undergoing change in capital structure, strategy, operations or growth and can benefit from KEYWISE International Group  operational and strategic approach. We target companies with a defensible core business and fair price, mature products or services, sustainable revenues, established customer relationships, and that have reached a transition point in their lifecycle presenting an opportunity for transformation.

Our financial expertise and significant in-house resources allow us to be flexible in investment structure, type and size. Since our founding, we have carved out divisional assets through corporate-divestitures, partnered with family-owned businesses and management teams, grown companies through industry consolidation strategies, and have taken public companies private. This flexibility allows us to be opportunistic so we can uncover optimal investments for the benefit of the companies we invest in as well as our investment partners.

We apply a consistent investment approach across Americas, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Europe. The ability to invest in multiple geographies provides KEYWISE International Group with an effective platform to deploy capital across a diverse set of businesses, capture opportunities in a variety of geographic regions, and create measurable value for our investment partners and portfolio companies.

Strive for excellence

We set competitively high-performance standards for our team members and aspire to work tirelessly to pursue our projects with a sense of seriousness and display robust determination towards our goals. We learn to adapt to different environments with different individuals according to the given rules and regulations.

Focus on the bigger picture of performance

Value People

The company instills the importance of giving value to the people. A company’s success significantly relies on accepting employees as humans first, respecting their values, and their creative approach towards different perspectives. We promote open communication and value every opinion and member irrespective of status, skill, and competence.


Our Global Team

Highly Motivated Team with Sense of Humour

Knowledge upkeep

We prompt creative ideas, innovative skills, and up-to-date knowledge regarding systems, products, and services. In modern advancements, the depth of expertise and insight allows us to do the analytical due diligence that the client’s future deserves. We continually strive to develop our skills to deliver exceptional outcomes for remunerative gains.

Thought leadership

 Our company corroborates the company’s policies via thought leadership. It is an essential component of effective strategies. The idea is to build trust and recognition as an inspiring and intuitive leader among peers.
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Registration Number 13538284